Welcome to LabISE !

The Laboratory of Intelligent Software Engineering (LabISE) is a research group of Federal University of Pampa (Unipampa) that explores the synergy between Software Engineering (SE) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), performing theoretical and applied researches in the following topics:

  • AI applied to SE, which aims to introduce intelligence in SE solutions;
  • SE aplicada à IA, a qual busca prover a IA com práticas adequadas de SE.

LabISE was created on July 1, 2019, by researchers of the Postgraduate Program in Software Engineering (PPGES) of Unipampa. The research group is placed on Alegrete Campus of Unipampa and it is registered in Brazilian Research Groups Directory

How to get in?

There are four types of researcher in LabISE: Professor, Student, Technical, and External. For each one, LabISE’s bylaws defines the rules for joining and staying in the group.